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Pause (Selah) Lyrics

If I could put the world on pause

[Verse 1:]
2 kids yellin "mama"
Does anybody know my name
Lord keep me from goin insane
And I'm 2 steps ahead of life
But still keep getting behind
And I don't understand why
But tomorrow I'll give it another try

If I could put the world on pause

[Verse 2:]
I got more to do than I got time
And if that phone rings one mo' time
I think I'm gonna lose my mind
And I can't lose my mind
I got mo' bills than I got money
If this is a joke it sho' ain't funny
Everybody wants a piece of me
Sometimes I just need a minute to breathe


If I could put the world on pause

Every days a fight
Just to give you my time
Just a moment of my time
But I know I'm never gon survive today unless I pray

If I could put the would on pause
I'de take flight from this place
And land in a place where the focus was my space
I'de put this world on pause if I could
And the colors of my world would be
A rich chocolate, and soft pinks and acreme colored backup
If I could I'dse put this world on pause if I could
And find a place where the focus was his space


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Lisa Mcclendon - Reality
is the track #4 from the album Reality which is released on 2012. Genre: Christian & Gospel | Record Label: 2012 BluSoul Entertainment
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