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Stuck (Love's Anthem) Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
The Enemy Wants To Break Up Our Happy Family
But We'll Be Okay
We Just Got To Believe
God Joined Us Together To Fulfill Destiny
Nothing Can Get In The Way
If We Stand And Agree
It's Obvious To Me That There's A War Going On
But You're Not My Enemy
The One That You Love The Most
Could Also Hurt You The Most
But We're Beyond Affection
This Is A Divine Connection

Sometimes I Get Frustrated With You
And Sometimes You Get Frustreted With Me
But No Matter How Hard It May Get
We're Stuck With Each Other
Might As Well Get Over It

[Verse 2:]
Let's Stop Acting Like Children And Get Ont Thing Straight
We're Both Adults And It's Not Too Late
We Both Wanna Be Heard
But What Did God Say
Forget About The Fuss And Fight
I Just Wanna Be Alright
I Know You Love Me
And Boy I Love You Too
And I Submit Myself To You
And It's Not Easy
I Can't Do It On My Own
But I Know This Will Keep The Blessings On Our Home


There's A War Going On
You're Not My Enemy
I Got Your Back
You Got My Back For Me
And No Matter What Happens
That's How It's Gonna Be
You And Me Together For Eternity


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Lisa Mcclendon - Soul Music
is the track #3 from the album Soul Music which is released on 2003. Genre: Christian & Gospel | Record Label: 2003 Integrity Music (part of the David C Cook family)
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