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Who Can Love You More Lyrics

Looking for love
Trying hard to hold on
On the verge of giving up
Still trying to be strong
Your face wears a smile
But your heart's filled with pain
And will it ever change
See it's not that your love
Won't come in time
Because true love was with you all the time
Don't accept imitation love for a heart that can't wait
Remember the kisses God blows your way

Wipe your tears away
Mend your broken heart today
Who can love you more

Frustrated with love
I don't understand
See everyone's got somebody to love
When is it gonna be my chance
Is there something wrong with me
Has God forgotten me
Well that's not the case at all
See you have to see
Before you can ever love
Someone else
You first got to learn
How to love yourself
And stop looking for a man and let the man find you
Get in God's Word and let Him show you you

Never leave you lonely
Always by your side
He cares for you

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Lisa Mcclendon - Live from the House of Blues
is the track #10 from the album Live from the House of Blues which is released on 2006-01-31. Genre: Christian & Gospel | Record Label: 2006 Integrity Music (part of the David C Cook family)
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