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Yesterday's Today Lyrics

(I'll just crawl)
Would you know just where I fell?
Entangled in your care..
Would you know just how to stay,
And make it ok..

I can feel it's not the same
Would you make me take your blame
Push down all the things we say
to our Yesterday..

I'm falling far from what they say..
(Just walk away)
I'm making my way just the same..
(Just walk away)
My life's in such a disarray..
(Just walk away)
I can't believe my yesterday's..
(Just walk away)

Would you want me to be bled?
My fingers have turned red..
When you look and turn away..
It's all I can say..

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Living Syndication - Om Factor - EP
is the track #5 from the album Om Factor - EP which is released on 2009. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2009 Living Syndication
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