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Put It Back Lyrics

[kids ovation]
YEAH! [echoes]
Once again... [echoes]
It's the "PLK"! [echoes]
One day... [echoes] {LET'S GO! } I'm BACK! [echoes]
{DAMN!} [gunshot]

First things first!
Ain't nobody touching me swag-style or verse! (naaah!)
I chilled a little while but I'm back! - Now it hurts!
The games full of he, she's and it's time to lift they
skirts Platinum Diamonds to they shirts.
[shot] {OOOOHH! } I'm a Diamond in your dirt! (whooo!)
- Neighborhood dust ball,
Man fuck y'all! - You're hating cause I'm caking and
your truck small.
Plus y'all - mediocre flows can't cut it
Hip-Hop's too flooded [scream] - wack niggas with
budgets! (yeah!)
Fuck it! I'll just ignore 'em! - I'm pretty good at
I'm hooded black the crown left the town - I'm a put it
back! (yeah!)
Now how hood is that? (yeah!) - You in a woulda,
coulda, shoulda lane (whaaaa'?)
DNA full of sugar 'caine! (yeah!)
It's "Termination On Sight" - the white good in aim
My dash got the wooden grain, they took yours what a
shame. (shame!)
You had been abducted in the hall of lames (lames...)
Niggas ain't calling shots; they just calling names!
Marijuana memory, alcoholic vains (vains!)
Nigga I just want the money! - You can have all the
fame! (yeah!)
I had a glow before my chain!
Before the cameras and reporters came to witness a
ballers rain!
Rain don't stop the parade - I just raise the roof
I'm the truth! Pleanty of old stereos Osama proof.
(whoo!) {Whooooooooooooooooooooooo}
My mama go shopping when she's bored!
A beautiful feeling and I chop a nigga for it. (nigga
for it!)
I'm tougher than than a bid in Thataca kids in Africa
You know I massacre (uh!) - anybody you can think of;
Think of me I'm spectacular monster - count Dracula
Anything that'll scare ya! - BOO! - I'm right in back
of ya!
Half of ya know the deal the other, half don't even
Matter of fact I got a Gat for that! I pop it in your
blatter. (uh!)
I'll add (uh!) a million of the niggas up! - I lay 'em
down and pick 'em up!
Play around you getting cut - layed in a hospital
truck. - What? ! (ooooooooaaaaaooooooooooohhhh!)

"5 And Better" nigga! [echoes]
Bring whoever nigga... [echoes]
It's the Unit! [echoes]
Boy! [car crash] [beat stops] [kids ovation]

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