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Ride Slow Lyrics

It's the G-U-N-I-T
Nigga u kno me Lloyd Banks
Y'all niggas been gettin away with murda
Oh yeah I heard ya I heard that shit
That's the best u could do
Ha Ha u betta go somewhere y'all stupid niggas
somewhere in the dark man
So I figure I come back make the future a lil' brighter

I gotta 2 give it
Anotha classic u live it
Fast whips & women is the shit I'm livin'
Big pools to swim in
Gator shoes & linen the same one from the beginningAnd
I ain't goin no where I work 2 harder 2 get in
Grind & put my bid in nigga is u kiddin
On my level that's so far perhaps I'm Jamaica Ave so
long 40 cal & crowbars
If u kno how much I really have u be mad
I get it & blow my nose with a louie rag
I shitted show em tha flows that we knew we had
U stupid niggas don't even have a clue damn
I'm a trendsetter, sittin' on Benz leatha,
U know the ten lettas, Lloyd Banks nigga
Only the real remain
Nigga don't feel cause I came from with tha fame so
sugar cane
I'm tryin em about my figures
Like them uptown BK & Far Rock niggas
Get accused where I came from
Southside & Northside is the same slum
A hood rush will have a nigga cocaine num
Since the era where the thick gold chains hung
U kno tha game son unless your brain dumb
Your everything is all good when the reign comes
Then niggas changed up
Lately I've been on my suckers heavy
And there's no shinin' shoes cause 4 of them is in the
truck already
And it smell like fresh cush & new dollars
Blue powdas that shine like shoe polish
Honest on but this on your mama's
U get I'll, U get kill, I promise
Then it's to tha Bahamas me, your credit card, & dollas
And natural born rydas
That's why they rap about us
Until they catch a bottle rite in their fuckin nose
That will leave a stain close like sugar shane moise
I turn your whole clique into John & Jane boys
Bitch nigga all your missin is rainbows
And the same goes for anybody that wanna,
Be a body of tha summa, say goodbye to each others
U off and your troops in the sky
And ain't nobody goin 2 care why
It's the Unit til' I die

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