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A Big Red Kite Lyrics

I know I owe you a better time
Then the way that I've been
But something's messing with my mind
And it's not giving in

They say that I should want to be
A man who leads us all
But every time I look I see
Another leader fall.

So I'm gonna sit in a green field
And fly a big red kite I'm gonna
Send my mind up the string and I'm
gonna get it right.

They say that I should want to have
A big bank account
What Uncle Sam don't take from me
Man I don't need to count.

They say that I should want to stand
For what I don't believe
I'm sitting thinking to myself
What kind of man could leave.

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Lobo - Of a Simple Man
is the track #3 from the album Of a Simple Man which is released on 1972. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 1972 Big Tree Records, a label of Atlantic Recording Corp
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