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Am I True To Myself Lyrics

Today I looked down in the water
I saw a face look back at me
It hit me like a bolt of lightning
I may not like what I see.

Am I true to myself
Do I believe in what I do
Am I playing a role
Do I want to be like you
Or am I what I hate in others
Only seeing things my way
That's what I'm gonna ask myself today.

Do I really like my brothers
Do I like my hair so long
Do I try to think of others
Can I believe what's in my song

Do I think of all men equal
Or pretend I just don't see
Have I looked for good in others
Or just laughed and let them be.

Song writer(s): Kent Lavoie
Official Lobo website: www.fansoflobo.com

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Lobo - Of a Simple Man
is the track #12 from the album Of a Simple Man which is released on 1972. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 1972 Big Tree Records, a label of Atlantic Recording Corp
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