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It Was Me Lyrics

(I) Every time I see you girl want you to be mine But I know it will be hard you don't know now to love I gonna love you, love you, love you. Untill I teach you baby how to love.

(II) When I heard you were in love My heart jumped arround. And when I knew it was me I went almost mad. You gotta love me, love me, love me. Love me and you never gotta stop your love.

(III) Now we're happy all the time every one can see Just one little thing, my love don't go back to him. You gotta love me, love me, love me Baby don't you never ever leave me alone.

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Los Mockers - Complete Recordings
is the track #9 from the album Complete Recordings which is released on 2001-09-09. Genre: Garage | Record Label: 2001 Munster Records
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