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Romans Revenge Freestyle Lyrics

Oh My God stand back you can not be serious
A box of tampax could'ntstop me period
I be killin every track so the slaying never stops
I just bang bang bang like the Wayans brothers pops
Will I take a brothers spot?
Don't cops hate
Niggas don't paper cover rock?
Don't rock break scissors?
Don't I say the sickest shit?
Make a crictic shit
In his britches
Make british bitch
Send me titty fit
Go shorty it's your birthday
Gave her 50 cent
No bucks no bank yup shits ridiculous
Haters finna get back
3 feet'll get that 3 feet pushed back
3 feet I meet the track
Like track meet actor
Least break the record
So who ever made it after
Me's takin second
Take a second recognize the motherfuckin level I am on
2nd place is only good when you buying homes
So wathcu buyin homes, Impalas on polished chrome
YES! cause a nigga got necks like collar bones
(Uh uh) I be crushin them faggots
And my bars O.D but I'm a functionin' addict
Catch a nigga in my lane and I'm a dust em in traffic
I'm a dead beat dad I don't fuck with you bastards
I got one.22, two loaded clips
Three.45′s, 6 shots and a couple of caskets
Then I snatch that flashback backtrack
Black hat backpack black ac blap blap blap blap
Wack rap cats, the nat nats from cats that black lac' all black snap back my cash stack
I'm past that the point of no return
If a nigga snitchin on me then that pointer don't return
I knock his mask off that nigga stealin from me
And I chop his hands off thans his pointer don't return
Burn from the fire of my litter richer
Study this it might make you a little richer
Great balls of fire no little richard
I'm cut too big for your little brithces
My truck to big for your little bridges
My nuts too big for you little bitches
To suck on so get the fuck on or fuck off
Your heart disappear when it's war time no love loss
Wuddup dog mention me I get gung-ho
Getcha haters up like me and Miss Munroe
One more time for my niggas in the jungle
Your an ant I could make a lion say uncle
Fester invest in the vest I'm the bester
Blessed her mic like mike like Drexler
I love ropes and rings I might like wrestlers
I'm restless I jump on the mic quite reckless
Etch-a-sketch watch with the light bright neckless
All yellow avirex bright white lexus
Knock your block off not quite like tetris
Throw my bone out to your wife like fetch this
Question whatever the question is I'm the answer
But put this on repeat I don't miss a beat I'm a dancer
Answer me this how many you niggas jus can't believe this I smash this jesus

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