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P's Backyard Lyrics

it's more than just a backyard

Oh shit you hit me with that stardom

Roll up to P's, a 40 in hand.
Get a little drunk, barely can stand. (K-Teazy) Who wanna dance?
P's over there given me the stare.
Teenage wasteland without a care.
I can feel it in the air
(K-Teazy & Lou)
I can feel it in the air tonight
That's right if you smoke and light,
puff puff pass...party all night.

I got the grass. You got the dutch.
Put it together, now roll it up.
I'll spark you up.
no celebrity hits.
Your on the cyph...now light that shit!
Sick Life!
Ready, shitty,witty
on the mic i hit my spitty
like BIG, diddy, all the ladies
Lyricly-equipt...fuck all the biddies (K-Teazy) FUCK EM

It's on tonight, I'm feelin right.
Dance, get drunk and party all night.
Cause i love my crew and there's nothing we can't do tonight.
Don't have a care, as long as my team is there,
and i love my crew and there's nothing we can't do tonight.
(Get right. If you wanna get right put your hands up in the sky)

Wait...Who fucked up? Who fucked who?
You didn't fuckin hear?
Yo, fucking crazy ass shit happens in that backyard.

K-Teazy in the house.
May break out of my blouse.
But listen, flip me over watch me glisten.
Shine, it's over.
Man, come peep my clover.
turn me over, never sober.
Trashed , smashed, funnel in hand
58 seconds on the keg stand. (Tasty-T) Champ!
Livin' life abuntantly, amazingly, outrageously.
Pass the booze, yoko ono
with the crew you are the stoner.
5 star chick givin 5 star boner
like i said im never sober. (laughs)
Scrumptious and delicious,
K-Teazy ooo so vicious.
Hither watch me slither.
laced so you quiver.


Yo did you guys' see jamie and val yesterday? drunk messes!
Ofcourse I fuckin caught that shit.
Ah, too bad Brit couldn't come out, but you know what?...she would
have taken it like a Champ
Lip-Stick-Laura...WHAT a Champ?!
At least robert wasn't sluttin around
Ah Jenny-she always looks pissed, doesn't she?
yeah yeah a little she looks a little pissed lemme tell you....like nah
shout out too nah you know what it is...yo as far as marge..."what's
beef got to do with it?"


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