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Club Bamboo Lyrics

(Mac lethal)
Yo! Yo! eh yo a yo a yo!
Yo! Yo! eh yo a yo a yo!
Yo! YO! Yo!
(shut up.)

Innovative one, call me the creative one
Mac lick the foreign pussy with the pierced native
probably speak in accents like its hard to calm her
I use a metal tortoise shell as my body armor.
I got a mutated lil master with 12 eyes and a lime
green tongue that spits acid.
I duct tape her mouth shut with I hang around sluts
cuz she''ll get jealous and chew em' into ground chuck.
My cartilage rips like a hammer head shark spittin
liquid nitrogen until the speakers look frost bitten.
My car region is connected to my pierced probes
releasing sound demons that nibble ear lobes.
With the wave of my right hand the mic stand on stage
morph into a tight
band to strike fans with rage. Ladies love me when I
spray the mic,
but there aint no I in snugglin and there aint no U in
stayin the night.

Hey yo rappers with the sweet skills
Chicks into cheap thrills
Alcoholics smoking gasoline weed lets build
feel the beat hit your spine when it slams you
take a swig of the 40 and spark up the bamboo.

We puff the bamboo everyday! (times 4)

I dont live by the sword I dont live by the gun,
I live by the gas station that sells blunts by the one
My floor is surrounded by dripping candles
I'll poke my fingers through your eyes like scissor
The robots talk to me in uteral, like
(mac your our planet's secret weapon find a studio!)
cyborgs travel in twisted orbs
to master alien genocide in the mixing board.
Controversy? Its more like contra when the lasers bust
I'm puttin on a surgical glove and dippin in a glass
full of water discolored from the razor rust. (It's
crumpled in the rubble lookin knuckled headed divas
I buck with jeans so I can show my double headed penis
so you can treat it like a honey suckle munch and eat
I was a demon God in violent and destructive fetus

(chorus 2)
Hey yo rappers with the sweet skills
chicks into cheap thrills
alcoholics smokin gasoline weed lets build
Mac lethal can you feel it or are you just too fucked
up from bamboo sticks?
Puff a little bit of the monster funk, puff a little
bit of the monster funk, puff a little bit of the
monster funk, smoke some bamboo and get fucked up.

just ask G the one that put the fingers in your panties
and told me that the pussy wasn't hairy.
In control with probes my skulls stretched to see the
world like I replaced my eyeballs with globes.
Its like lover lane was a space cadaver, I might dub
your brain to a tape cassette.
My face compress to levitate,
so take my tape out now give it a kiss and plan a
second date.
never understand how Im screwin raps my madula snaps
and soul claps it feels like a bazooka blast.
I blew the caps through the dudes mumu lash out, like
illuminate and prove the scrabbling sewage rats.
In your relationship your girls the boss,
and if she dont call in 15 minutes im jerkin off.
You cant get with the way leezy swervin
I just make you blow like pee-wee herman.

(joint burnin)
a little bit of the bamboo sticks!
a little green dirty ass weed, sprinkled with some
white nose candy for flavor.
twisted up in one to make you feel oky-loc until you
look like muthafuckin monkey loc.
uhhhh.... puff a little bit of the monster funk, puff a
little bit of the monster funk,
puff a little bit of the monster funk, man shut the
fuck up!

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