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Barrel's Round Lyrics

Charlie's chatting up a barmaid, Beater's puking in the
Charlie couldn't pull a muscle, and she gave me crabs the
other week
Get the ale in, swill it down, have a drink in every pub
in town
Flash the ash, Lockstock's crash
Half past ten -its Barrel's Round
Beer, beer, we want more beer, all the lads are cheering:
'Get the fucking beer in.'

You've got veins in your bodies
We've got Boddies in our veins
We'll outdrink anybody
Then we'll go and do it all again.

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Macc Lads - Bitter, Fit Crack
is the track #1 from the album Bitter, Fit Crack which is released on 1987. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 1987
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