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and get high...............
so lay back and chill out then roll up and get high.then enhaile then exhaile and blow smoke to the sky and let go what you know.go head clear yo mind.And i know and you know that one day we gone dye. (verse)
Lay back,just chill,smmoke a blunt pop a pill.clear yo motha fuckin mind cause they turnem in a while smoke a couple blunt and they probably black out mind on my money so i'm thinkin of a scheme.scheme for my money then i split wit my team.understand that we all got to die.live through the day wit the folk winner time wit my hand on my eye and my mind to the sky can't question the gurl but i want to ask why.the streets still fucked up young nigga's die.household fucked up moma get high daddy runnin around all he could do is try.livin in the city where the skinny nigga's dir.gun in my hand and i got to stay alive.


nigga fuck this.i'ma die anyway so i might as well get high.might as well bust a swisher and feel it up with purple thrack then blow smoke to the sky ant lyin now slime me grind me nigga's want to try me man fuck it might as well lay back in a two seater me and my bitch blowin on chucky.all movin like slowmo laughing like elmo and shit.i'm just cooling her head moving while she blow on his dick.make sure its that good. some of that shit you desire.or some of that rubber cushier that save some fire.


smokin that fruity,fruity,fruity it got me twisted mine gone in another zone when i wake up i hope my problems ended and my life man it ant a joke for keep good men but a hidro enhaile hoe smoke it let it go.hit it again do the same then let it flow.If you dealing wit some problems then you really know how to go deal wit them if you ever face wit'em started posing in my life wit tripple free with out worrin da world but if the world would come deal wit them but i'm thinking about death you already need help.need to strain myself,regain myself,double play myself,only help myself when i know i'm goin right, can't go wrong.keep goin on hey get sucked in by the pain and the preasure thats a good way to end up on the stretcha,fuck all the problems fuck all the hoes you were split here so you gotta stay strong roll up a blunt take it to da downe lay back get a chill moan.


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Maceo - Straight Out da Pot
is the track #16 from the album Straight Out da Pot which is released on 2005. Genre: Hip Hop/Rap | Record Label: 2005 Quick Flip Records Big Cat Records
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