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(I'm back)

I'm the wrestlin' king but now I'm spittin' lyrics
Took a break from the ring cuz I want y'all to hear this
Comin' on a medium nobody expected
Been in the game for years and I'm still respected
Macho Man Randy Savage the true chief warrior
Critics I'm ignoring' ya to ladies it's euphoria
People on the streets say "Randy you the illest"
And I'm one of the realest so it's not hard to feel this

People wanna know if Macho's still in the ring
People wanna know if Randy's doin' his thing
Everybody's talkin' wanna know this and that
So I'm a tell ya right now Randy Savage is back

I'm back with vengeance and got good chemistry
Me and Big3 bout to shock the whole industry
Ya can't believe Macho Man's really rappin'
Hooked up with Da Raskulls we made this thing happen
Hit the studio to get paid in full
And I can make power moves I got a lot of pull
Every time I'm in the streets people still show love
They wanna know what's goin' on they wanna know what's up?


I'm back on the block but the product's changed
But the passion I possess still remains the same
I switched the game I'm on a different plane
The first wrestlin' MC'll be my claim to fame
I'm like Deion, Bo and Mike I can play two sports
And in both arenas I'm a tremendous force
Cuz when I fight or rip the mic I ain't talkin' no slack
In fact I got the nack to entertain so I'm back


Yeah Macho man Randy Savage back at ya
Got Da Raskulls in the house
Big K., Brian O., Ted, Romey Rome, and O-Jizzle
A shout out to Eric on the boards
Tommy Jizzle and Pinky, I can't forget the master of disaster
The incredible Bill Edwards and the entire Big3 crew, Ooh Yeah

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