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Check it, yeah..

I'm that freshman acting bad on seniors, going fed on juniors
It's Magno, I'm bout to spread like rumors
Keep a chick between my legs, I get mo' head than tumors
Having fun in my rhymes, love to spread my humor
For instance, I got your bitch mouth in my pants
The flow that started like when cheers, try to talk thru a fan
Y'all getting Hollywood, can't even talk to your fans
And wonder why you can't afford, to go to South or to France
Listen, I went from a nervous rookie to a calm vet
Now I'm loud, moving the crowd like a bomb threat
Now-a-days, I get head from entertainers
I'm a grown ass man, like Ced the Entertainer
So I be talking greasy, like some tacos be
Like why your flows outdated, like some Paco jeans
Homie step your game up, and build your name up
And after that, you still won't have the same hooks
Life's a race, I'm running through this marathon
I stand behind the mic in front of folk, like Louis Farakan
With teen speech, my rhymes bring heat
My flows moving, like a Martin Luther King speech
Got the streets on lock, got the game on probation
I could bust a flow at church, and get a standing ovation
Cursing and all damn, I'm making all the haters hurt
I been playa since flat tops, and alligator shirts

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