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How I Got Over Lyrics

How I got over,
how I got over,
my soul looks back and wonders
how I got over.

Verse 1:
Soon as I can see Jesus (oh yes),
the Man that made me free (oh yes),
the Man that bled and suffered (oh yes),
and died for you and me (oh yes).
I thank Him because He taught me (oh yes),
I thank Him because He brought me (oh yes),
I thank Him because He kept me (oh yes),
thank Him 'cause He never left me (oh yes).

Thank Him for the Holy Bible (oh yes),
thank Him for good ole revival (oh yes),
thank Him for heavenly vision (oh yes),

thank Him for old time religion (oh yes).

I'm gonna to sing (hallelujah)
You know I'm gonna shout (troubles over);
well I thank Him for all He's done for me.

Verse 2:
I'm gonna to wear a diadem (oh yes),
in the new Jerusalem (oh yes).
Gonna to walk the streets of gold (oh yes),
in the homeland for the soul (oh yes).

We Gonna view the host in white (oh yes)
who been truflin both day and night (oh yes).
Coming up from every nation (oh yes),
on the way to the great coronation (oh yes).

Coming from the north, south,
east, and west, (oh yes),
on their way to a land of the rest (oh yes).
I'm gonna join the heavenly choir (oh yes),
i'm gonna sing and never get tired (oh yes).



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Mahalia Jackson - Mahalia Jackson
is the track #5 from the album Mahalia Jackson'S Greatest Hits which is released on 1988-08-09. Genre: Christian & Gospel | Record Label: 1988 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT
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