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Hedge Fun Lyrics

Off a car or off a ledge, through the air into a hedge
Friday nights will never be the same, not that I’m complaining
Terrorizing the neighbor’s lawn, bloody shirts but goggles on
Bodysurfing on a wave of green above the concrete
I don’t know why anyone would say it’s slightly immature
We’re having fun and getting exercise, connecting with nature
There’s nothing better than in summer weather
Rain or shine we dive

And if we bleed, the scars won’t last
We’d rather bleed, than mourn a youth that’s past
Because there’s only today to make sure that we stay
Not just alive, but full of life
The only way

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is the track #7 from the album Can't Make A Living which is released on 2010-06-15. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2010 Geykido Comet Records
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