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Alive Again Lyrics

I felt it turn to come and go
Don't worry, no one ever knows
I don't know why it just won't die
It breaks me in to stay alive
I know it hurt a lot like you
C'mon I know that you felt it too

It hurts the same and that's okay
I never liked him anyway, I know

It seems so long since I've been gone
I got so used to just hanging on
I feel so wrong, I don't belong
I got so used to just hanging on

I'm used to starving out instead
It's easier than faking it, sometimes it hurts
But that's no worse than all those times
I guess it works, I know they walked away
With a piece of me

The more I bruise from laying low
I walk around like I'm alive again
But I know it's just not the same

Shut up
I'm sorry, I broke it all
I don't know why it just won't die
And I'm fading

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Marianas Trench - Fix Me
is the track #10 from the album Fix Me which is released on 2006-08-03. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2006 604 Records Inc
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