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Silver Dagger Lyrics

Oh don't sing lovesongs, you'll wake my mother.
She's sleeping here, right by my side.
And in her right hand, a silver dagger.
She says that I can't be your bride.

All men are false, says my mother.
They tell you wicked, loving lies,
And in the next breath, they'll court another.
Oh they'll leave you where the sun does rise.

My daddy is a handsome devil.
He wears a chain oh five miles long.
From every link a heart does dangle,
Of another maid he's loved and wronged.

So then go home to your own garden.
Ah then go home, rerurn no more.
No other man may come a'courting.
No other man may cross my door.

Oh don't sing lovesongs, coz you'll wake my mother
She's sleeping here, right by my side,
And in her right hand, a silver dagger.
She says that I can't be your bride.

Song writer(s): Paul Simmonds, Dolly Parton, Phil Odgers, Stefan Cush, Jon Odgers, Joan Baez
Official Martha Tilston website: www.marthatilston.co.uk

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Martha Tilston - Of Milkmaids & Architects
is the track #9 from the album Of Milkmaids & Architects which is released on 2008-04-14. Genre: Singer/Songwriter | Record Label: 2008 Martha Tilston
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