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Oh Dalila will you dance with me Dalila
Oh Dalila can you stop hiding Dalila
Oh Dalila I feel so lonely Dalila
Oh Dalila just one dance with me Dalila

I think our bodies are getting a little closer
The host in me is giving the mostess to the hostess
Can't you see I'm going wild, wild, wild, wild
When I check your move left, right, left, right
Attraction of the negatives can always turn out
Your mamma and your papa gotta start letting you live
Don't you know I'm really sad, sad, sad, sad
My patience's running out of time, time, time, time

There"s a little tiny spot in my heart
I'm not a really lucky man from the start
I'm tryin' to persevere but it's really hard
Communicating with the gal is really tough
Please Dalila give me a little sign
I'm waiting for your love since a long time

Can you make my dream become reality
Let's get away from all the pressure, feel the peace

3) Dalila you break my heart honey
I don't know where to start really
Try to catch your attention everytime

Catch Dalila by the waist
If she disses me I'll wait
try my chance another day
I know this girl's got interest for me
I rock the vibe at the block party


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Martin Solveig - So Far
is the track #4 from the album So Far which is released on 2006-12-04. Genre: Dance | Record Label: 2006 Penso Positivo
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