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Kinda Halfway Feel Lyrics

(Kinda halfway feel that you and I are through)
Here I am and I'm alone and feeling lonely
Bothered by the thought that someone's holding you
Disappointed and I'm wanting your kiss only
Kinda halfway feel that you and I are through
I play the jukebox and I sit here halfway hoping you'll walk in
And halfway knowing that you won't be by yourself
There's such a feeling in my heart each time I halfway face the truth
Kinda halfway feel that you want someone else

At a table where you used to sit beside me
In a corner that we felt was all our own
So in love that my heart's breaking up inside me
It's a different world when you're left alone
I play the jukebox...

Song writer(s): Marty Robbins
Official Marty Robbins website: www.martyrobbins.com

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Marty Robbins - Just a Little Sentimental / Devil Woman
is the track #23 from the album Just a Little Sentimental / Devil Woman which is released on 2013-06-09. Genre: Country | Record Label: 2013 Sepia Records Limited
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