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Shine On You Lyrics

Oh in this life filled with so much strife
I'm gonna love with all of my might
Open my eyes and give me the sight
Want all of your love now all of the time
Give ya my soul now all of my mind
Wish I could just hit rewind rewind

Oh we must fight the war for survival we must win
And we will rise again like the strongest lion
Oh we must fight the war for survival we must win
Conquer the demons cause we won't stop tryin
Oh my soul has been so low
Make them clouds fade to blue
So my love can shine on through
Shine on you

Circlin round pon I
Lyin on my back watchin clouds in the sky
Days pass by and the angels cry
Some of them might wanna wonder why
Circlin all them seven skies
Wish I could just press rewind press rewind press rewind


Oh I could let you go oh oh I love
Oh I got to follow on high tightrope

Sax solo


Shine on you
Shine on you
Shine on you

Oh my soul
Oh my soul
Oh my soul
Oh my soul
Oh my soul

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Matisyahu - Spark Seeker
is the track #13 from the album Spark Seeker which is released on 2012-07-17. Genre: Pop | Record Label: 2012 Fallen Sparks Records
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