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Souls A'fire Lyrics

Oh he got poison in his lungs And it will become undone Some sort of freak that feels no pain Walk through the fire like it feels like rain

So come on and hold on to that firm belief That your soul is a'fire and forget your Your petty crimes now Hold firm as the raging sea beats at your door Stay there 'til you can't you can't take no more now

The cold sea flowing through your vein You killed the bitter land to roll her way Oh is this real or did you fabricate Oh you cut the vine like it's the under dead

So make sure you hold on to that firm belief That your soul is a'fire and forget your petty crimes (yeah) Why don't you hold on as the sea beats down And you're on the floor and you have nowhere to run to It's on, it's gon' crashing down

Someday there will be a revolution, yeah oh [repeat]

Song writer(s): Matt Corby
Official Matt Corby website: mattcorby.com.au

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Matt Corby - Into the Flame - EP
is the track #2 from the album Into the Flame - EP which is released on 2011-11-11. Genre: Singer/Songwriter | Record Label: 2012 Warner Music UK Limited for the world excluding Australia and New Zealand
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