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Solace And Pain Lyrics

I'm so confused by what I have and what I want,
But I can't stand alone without your help
I'm afraid of the truth that I might find
when I look inside myself,
But I can't stand alone without your help
And what once gave me solace, now only gives me pain
I over estimated your emotions again
How easily we can fool ourselves
and see things that just aren't there
Tangle up our emotions until it seems that people truly care
It's been out of my hands now for so long
and there's nothing I could have done
And jealousy's an emotion that I'll have to learn to overcome
And what once gave me solace now only gives me pain
I overestimated your emotions again
Distance and silence, how do they make you feel?
Well they hurt me.

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Matt Nathanson - Please
is the track #1 from the album Please which is released on 1993-07. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 1993 Acrobat
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