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Matters Of The Bittersweet Lyrics

Oh it ain't funny how things changed
Once lovers than friends now strangers
With great sorrow that is haunting and beautiful
Oh it ain't funny how we've tried
To see the whole wide world, i die
But now i know its not always so simple

And i take this and stride down the way
And ???????so you say
But this ain't easy
What I'm leaving

Oh ain't it funny how we fear
The truth of our own madness brought to life
But it's only a matter of time

And I take this and stride down the way
And I've made big mistakes as they made me
But it's a long road where I'm going

And I should of tell you I missed you
But I...I wanna hold you and kiss you
But I know that it ain't right
Not this time..

Oh it ain't funny how things end
We've could of done it all so different to stay your
But you gave me but one choice to decide
And the only thing i could do was to cry

And i take this and stride down the way
With my love deep inside pray guides me
Cus it's a long road where I'm going
It's a long road where you're going
My sweet Burgundy

So goodbye my daffodil.

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Matthew Santos - Matters of the Bittersweet
is the track #12 from the album Matters of the Bittersweet which is released on 2007-10-31. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2007 Candy Rat Records
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