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Can I Get Mine Lyrics

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Can I get mine? Can I get your money? Cause ain't a damn thing funny
Niggas you know the deal
Needs nuthin' but cash
Serves the late night fiends to collects my green

Peeps the dramatics
Still no time for static
Paper to all my crew
You know how we do
Controls the work force
Y'all know what I'm speakin'
Broke niggas I gets my clown on, ho's I gets my pound on
Silk shirts to leather kicks with flicks in Paris
Smoke bud in every state, no cases filed for rape
Can't escapes that
It's the life of the rhymer, fool
Me please, I insist to make G's
Chills at the top dollar spots with bitches
So they can get a glance at the Eihthype riches
Bitches they wanna follow and peeps my route
But soon catch a hollow and be assed out
Ain't no competition
Wishing on a star
Won't get your ass to very far
Dumps out the car, gives a fuck who you are
Picks up the stank ho's that chill at the bar


Come on, uh
Half Ounce one time
Represent, geah
Soul Assassins two time
Represent, geah
You know how we do, you know how we do

Who lounges the best with bitches by the pool
Shooting pool, laid back, we too cool
Muggs with all the China white, still heavy weighting
For the cops to instigate fools player hating
Two bitches on my arm
But I ain't greedy
As I gives to the needy, picks up real speedy
You know who moves the crowd like a hot A.K.
Money spends, bitches throw ass my way
Gives me lots of pesos for the 'migos
Pump it hottie, Eihthype rocks the party
Who gets away to pay the D.A.
So I can float around to make my pay
Pay backs a muthafucka you know?
Fools that short stop best beware for the pop
Niggas stop, drop and roll
+Youse a Customer+, heavy weights is straight hustlers


Eihthype one time
You know how we do, you know how we do
My nigga Muggs with his China white still pushing that
Soul Assassin two times come on
Half Ounce one time, uh
Check it out, uh

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