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It's Not Easy (Being Green) Lyrics

Check out that noise in the background! I'm mad green
right now. It's a biodiesel generator!
I'm using it to run the computer studio for the
recording of this album!
I got it with this gift certificate I won at the Save
the Sea Turtles Marathon Run dude!
Check it out! I wrote all of the lyrics on my arm
because trees are too important to be
used as paper you know what I'm saying? Let's get

Verse 1:

I got a letter from Al Gore the other day
I opened and read it, it said we're in trouble
It said "Go Green!" What's that mean?
Bought a hybrid hummer to save gasoline
Went to Live Earth in my private jet
Just like Sting and Kanye West
Let's save the earth with area rock
(Pyrotechnics are very sustainable)

(I'm going green) Can't you see? I keep the AC above 63
(I'm going green) Hardcore like Slayer, here's 27
fliers on the ozone layer
(I'm going green) Because I care, use organic aerosols
in my hair
(I'm going green) So my grandkids will remember,
when you couldn't buy ocean property in Denver

It's not easy being green (it's not easy)
Having to change that old routine (it's not easy)
The climate change could be extreme
It's not easy... it's not easy

Verse 2:

Went to Sea World with a giant net
To save the whales but they got upset
Brought Shamu to the parking lot, didn't get far
Couldn't even fit one fin in my car
Recycling's great, but my roommate didn't smile
When I told him what I did to his old-school Beatles
Gotta separate plastics form the glass
Even though it's a pain the morning

(I'm going green) Aerosol cans are terrible so I
Spread the word with spray painted signs
(I'm going green) Love animals for real, you see me
clubbing with baby seals
(I'm going green) Bought a Prius to save on gas
But I fly every weekend in first class
(I'm going green) So my grandkids will remember,
when it wasn't 500 degrees in December

It's not easy being green (it's not easy)
There Will be Blood for gasoline (it's not easy)
I drink your milkshake like that scene
It's not easy... it's not easy

It's not easy being green (it's not easy)
Santa Claus's sleigh will need jetskis (it's not easy)
The polar bears might need sunscreen
It's not easy... it's not easy

I bought size five Vans at the local mall
To make my carbon footprint half as small
I wrote this song to express how I felt
About climate change and glacial melt

You know the movie
The Day After Tomorrow?
That could happen dude

I even rap in haikus - what!

Manhattan (could be under water)
LA (could be under water)
Vancouver (could be under water)
London (could be under water)
Detroit (could be under water)
St. Louis (could be under water)
Chicago (could be under water)
New Jersey (but who'd miss Jersey?)

It's not easy (it's not easy)
It's not easy (it's not easy)
It's not easy (it's not easy)
Woah, oh

It's not easy being green (it's not easy)
We'll tour New York by submarine (it's not easy)
We'll scuba dive the Bronx and Queens
It's not easy... it's not easy

Song writer(s): Andrew Nielsen, Mike Kennedy, Nick Rowe
Official Mc Lars website: www.mclars.com

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