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Obsession Lyrics

Caress my body, kiss my lips
feel the heat, take the risk
touch my skin, I´m your treasure
hold me tight, give me pleasure

Come on now, don´t stop moving
carry on, it will never end
Come on now, don´t be shy
hold your breath, hear my sigh

Satisfy me, feel the passion
fear the sin, lost in obsession
desire me, desire me
lost in obsession

I took your hand and followed you
you gave me, what I wanted
now I try to abandon
but I´m too possessed of you

I saw your phantasy
too dark to be reality
I´m addicted, a slave of your´s
lost in you, a cruel force

Take my hand and follow me
through my darkest phantasy
I will show you
every part of me

close your eyes and trust in me
are you just to numb to feel?
I can give you
everything you need

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