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The Universe Listened Lyrics

We do our best
We stay in step
As time goes marching by
But there's something wrong
We don't start living
Until we almost die

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah
And the universe listened

Well, I was born
A silver thorn
On a mid-west rose
I found out fast
Love is last
And it comes and goes
I made a deal
Hearts to steal
They will know my name
I'll pay the price
Any price
Just give me the fame


A perfect song
My love wrong
So I ache the dark
A hero's close
The story goes on
But I hate the part
I chose to fall
Destroy it all
But I will rise again
I believe in love
Please send me love
And I will try again

[Chorus x2]

Remove the dark
Heal my heart
Make my body whole
I found my angels
Found my spirit
Guess I found my soul
Teach me how
Show me now
This light has taken me
I'm not ashamed
Help me explain
This awakening

[Chorus x2]

Song writer(s): Melissa Etheridge
Official Melissa Etheridge website: www.melissaetheridge.com

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Melissa Etheridge - The Awakening (Bonus Video Version)
is the track #14 from the album The Awakening which is released on 2007-09-25. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2007 The Island Def Jam Music Group
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