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Grace & Glory Lyrics

Oh God of the impossible With You all things are possible You spoke and creation was made Your eyes are running to and fro To show Yourself strong to those Whose hearts You find are loyal to You

There is no one greater, than our God and Savior

God is my help, God is my source God is my light, forevermore He will give us grace and glory He will give us grace and glory

He is the Lord, worthy of praise His name is good and by it we're saved He will give us grace and glory He will give us grace and glory

Your hand for all who came to You Your voice spoke words of comfort to All men who saw Your marvelous light

And let Your glory shine, for all to see Your light For all to know You are the Lord God gracious This is who you are, bright and Morningstar The spirit and the bride say come Lord Jesus

Let Your glory shine Down on us, down on us

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Merchant Band - Let the Weak Speak
is the track #4 from the album Let the Weak Speak which is released on 2008. Genre: Christian & Gospel | Record Label: 2008 Forerunner Music
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