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Animal Sin Lyrics

It seems that it cannot think,
Be trapped in your instincts and genes.
Show them why you cannot shine,
Be alive and have no life.

Naturally slave, no option to choose.
You are not alone in the world.
Tied with a string along,
With all of your fellows and others.

Animal sin, our body is a sin.
Taking out the beauty of our soul.
Empty vial of all.
Locked in the hand of God.

Sin is the way to disease.
Sin is my only good thing.
What does it feel not to feel?
Take your philosophy and kill it with pain.

So, the anatomy blesses.
And your being will end compressed.
Just do what your race says,
Then your mission will be complete.

Spending alone, most of the days.
Sometimes they are, for which I'm pleased.
Speaking loud, when I try to,
Make me stand out to all of them.


Even for humans, it's the same thing.
Searching for pleasure, prevents pain.
We are few that can see our true reality.

I always denied being chained,
But this is more unhealthy.
Want to suffer and,
Face even my worst fears.

But this must be great. Nothing seems to care.
And only worrying to live, but sometimes,
Even that, on this life, my own does not care.


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