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The Meaning Of Death Lyrics

Changing of existence, your migration
From this world to another one.
We are prisoners of our bodies,
But immortal souls which escape with death.
And there are some threats in your life,
Flowing towards the worst end.
Did you taste this sensation?
Finally, you shall see all evidence
And you'll believe in the Life-Maker.

All roots of your gifts, fears, hobbies, phobias.
Did you ask where they came from?
Anytime that you feel all those old memories,
You know they are not of these years.
Time is off. Now the journey has finished,
But it's not the end,
Clocks are going to run again.
Think it out and then ask yourself: what have I learned?
Not to play the same game.

Truth or lie. Deaf or blind. Be born or die.
Reach us to see they're just feeding lies.
Deepness, highness, choose just one.
Really, there's no such paradise.

One step more toward another
Way of living in another frecuency.
Change of state.
One round-trip at the same time. Drag it away.
'Cause death is birth and birth is death too.

Far beyond what our eyes can't see, there is,
The answer you need.
Your people are waiting here.
In some of their situations, cry all those,
Who carry your name in their minds...

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