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Oh juicy friend I can't pay the bills I ate the food and
swallowed the pills. The bleach is too thin so there's no
poin, I'll shave the walls and kick a stone. Crawl the
floor for blims and scabs I'll get a job when I grow old.
It's fun to lose a few I'm told. The thought of kissing
anything reminds me that I have become thin. Eating fruit
reminds me of ragging girls.

I love the sound of bass and fear I want to live for
twenty years. When I die of a fast fun death there will
be nothing I have left. I love my friends and I am loved
I'll keep these thoughts for when I'm lost. Again in this
tunnel there is only back and forth.

This is the boy that I was taught. I love my fam they are
divorced. I am the nutter and I love the force.

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Micachu - Jewellery (Bonus Track Version)
is the track #3 from the album Jewellery which is released on 2009. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2009 Rough Trade
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