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Lift Up The Suffering Symbol Lyrics

They grew tired of bread from heaven
And of Moses and of God
They longed to live the life of slavery once again
So they muttered and they grumbled
And they wimpered and they whined;
With each faithless word, sank deeper into sin

He took the pen of pain once more
To write upon their hearts
The lesson they had been so slow to learn
But writhing in the sand, the firey serpents came to
With a holy message and a bite that burned

Lift up the suffering symbol
And placve it high upon a pole
Tell the children to look up and be made whole

So Moses made a metal snake,
And nailed it to a pole
Sent out the saving word so they would know
That the symbol of their suffering was now the focus of
their faith
and with a faithful glance, the healing power would

In time the brazen serpent became an idol in the land
And they left the living God to worship clay
When they forgot their suffering
Soon true faith had disappeared
So some idolize a brazen cross today


Tell the children to look up and be made

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Michael Card - The Beginning
is the track #4 from the album The Beginning which is released on 1989. Genre: Christian & Gospel | Record Label: 1989 Sparrow Records
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