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Overweight Drake Lyrics

This contusion, distracting from taking this shit
You want the funny raps who're fucking stop breaking the mix
A pen station with the funky is the homeless old man
Being on the bus to Boston, I can't wait for my bet
My Christmas is the time to eat a pizza after two days
Get drunk and tell bad jokes, look, it's too great!
She smile every time my mom buy cool...
Laughing at you niggas at the shows, cause you pay
Told the bouncer I was bone crusher (bone crusher)

Motherfucker, I'm on my worst behavior at the shows
Nothing was the same reference, ah, yeah, check, uh, but
My Christmas is the time to claim the Crystal or...
... to claim me, fuck that girl, he tapping taps all night
These them shoe box in dollar wraps, nigga
My name is getting bigger, my hair is getting slicker, uh

Alright then!
Twenty minutes suffer like twenty bills and seven raw cigarettes
... to conolingus a pretty bitch
Stop it! Best rapper since Andy Milonakis
Bees on my head, and the hand full of profit
Oscar the Grouch and Winnie the Pooh all mix
,... for desert I'm meeting Rommy
Imagine fat raps with niggas that was fat and black
And had the longest moustache since...
Bitches own the policy on Instagram, ya niggas whack
My Chicago niggas see you, ya probably say ya niggas jack
Let my momma catch you doing funny shit, she probably laugh
While my dad pulled the gun, he got caught without his bag.
I test the limits of the shit that I can say
Before the PSA like Christmas, you can call your friends them names
Next time I'm all familiar, lil show, I'm feeling safe
For ten minutes I'mma do some stand up,
Clear the stage!
And I don't give a fuck if no one showed up, I'm getting paid!
All the sweat up on my head, bus pass expired today
You can thank me now or thank me later,
What I'm trying to say is I'm the over way
Drinking every single con away
Modern day Larry Johnson
I wave them cons to the game
Play the bench, sip, get away
And break a sweat, but bitch I came...
Shit, that mean I got a ring for sipping pink lemonade, bitch!

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Michael Christmas - Is This Art?
is the track #13 from the album Is This Art? which is released on 2014-02-25. Genre: Hip Hop/Rap | Record Label: 2014 Michael Christmas
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