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Champion Of Nobodies Lyrics

© Electric Babylon Music Author: M.M.

We could all live together in the same house, the leading man free to
be his inner mouse, where the wine would flow like mud and the wit
like wine, and if you just wana be left alone you’ll have to wait in line,
and I know where we can get a place real cheap, where we can blow
just what we reap, I will be each and everything you need, and I will
hold the cup as you bleed.
And don’t try to sing me songs from nowhere, just tell me where your
going and I’ll already be there, I’m not like you but I am somebody, I
am the champion of nobodies.
See the young man strut the streets like a Malthusian ghost, I’ll be his
patron saint be his heartbreak host, like Bruce Cockburn singing the
true tear of a witness stinging his eye, and you know if he had a rocket
launcher some son of a bi*** really would die, I’m trying to decide
which is closer tomorrow or yesterday, but silence is only a virtue when
you don’t have anything to say, and I’ve got enough words to fill a
bible, and just enough nerve left to preach at the revival.
And don’t try to tell me I’m just another dreamer, ‘cause the man with
the littlest scheme is the biggest schemer, I don’t wana be like you I
am somebody, I’m the champion of nobodies.
We will build a shrine for future generations, an ode to all the
unsensed sensations, and we’ll build a school on the ironies of
indifference, and we can make easy jokes about all this trivial
significance, and I will find a blanket big enough to sleep us all, and we
will watch the cities rise with knowledge of the fall, I will live my
mystery among sympathetic minds, we will search the jungle everyday
for anyone tangled in the vines.
And don’t try to tell me I’m just another wana be, ‘cause I’m just blind
enough to see what I wana see, it’s the only way to be myself and be
somebody, the champion of nobodies.
But who am I to think I could ever mean anything, just clawing at the
dirt for this fools gold, and as my story tells me, I try so hard to remain


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