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Of My Flesh Lyrics

© Electric Babylon Music Author: M.M.

She comes dancing right out of my head, she’s got blonde brown black
red hair, she pulls me to her with her eyes, her eyes are brown green blue
and gray, she is part of me I can feel her thoughts, she’s as subtle as
breathing her soul is of my flesh.
I take her she is the shape of my hands, she moves me profoundly, we
make love, we are involved in perfection, because we are existing outside
of the context of time, and it is a bliss to hold myself in your arms, and it
feels like..............
A fresh moment has started and time comes rushing in, and she melts out
of my arms and back into my mind, where she stays with me real like
thought, and each moment brings us closer in to sync with eternity, when
in the true consummation, I shall dance into her mind.

march 93

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Michael McGuire - Troubadour
is the track #12 from the album Troubadour which is released on 2015. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2015 Electric Babylon Records
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