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Blow Pt.2 (Live In Japan) Lyrics

Oh (?a name?) you have burned me
You have taken me and turned me
Into a cloud of smoke, glass, stone, humming wind
were we wrestling or were we hugging?
and these backpacks we were lugging
what deep damage we have done, you were my friend
though the last three years were sunny,
thunderclouds shaded my tummy
now let the breeze be felt, let go my pale skin
oh the blow

oh the blow you have my hunger
you have my quake
you have my thunder
and when I turned to gold then you took my best friend
You're on a war, devouring blindly
I heard your slurping sounds behind me
As I ran you took the joy of giving in
I give up on your dark looming
I see you I say: good bye human
Now give him back, give it back
I want my own wind
To blow

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