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Comfortable Place On The Couch Lyrics

Comfortable suburban home
Too afraid to go out on your own
Comfortable place on the couch
Nature's a stranger keep it out

Haul away

So you got coastline for fence
It could be your first line of defense
You'll never be ready for this
Ignorance is bliss haven't you heard

Haul away

Give me your sermon on the mount
Give me your final account
Your house is so blissfully calm
I'll bury you down at the farm

Haul away

They say the truth is what you see
I know the truth is what you feel

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Midnight Oil - Redneck Wonderland
is the track #4 from the album Redneck Wonderland which is released on 1998-07-06. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 1998 Midnight Oil, exclusive licensee Sony Music Entertainment (Australia) Ltd
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