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Knightclub Rockstar Lyrics

Up and down in this club,
I need your hands to show me some love,
So lets do this once again.
To help remember the time when we were friends..


(Verse 1)
Will you please save my life,
Im giving this another try,
You’ve killed me, killed me for so long,
But I know that I was wrong.
Were dancing through all our memories,
I think were better off to be, Alone and Empty.

(Verse 2)
When I turn away, I never know where you’ll be,
Will you be with my best friend, or my worst enemy.
Your so unpredictable, but so lovely touchable
Don’t know why I even try,
Loves and Lusts aside, this is our first last night.

Lets face the rave, lets dance our love away
It’s a ballroom masquerade, so lets forget today,
Were over anyway,
Our worlds have so come so far,
And even though you broke my heart,
I miss you and its still hard, to admit we fell apart.

(Verse 3)
So tonight I’ll sing for you,
I wont even think it through,
We’ll jump and dance just like we do,
And ill sing this song for you..

(Chorus x2)

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