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Channel War Lyrics

Channel War

It was a rainy night in March
A new show was being broadcast
I didn't know what they were talking 'bout
So I checked the TV program
I heard someone asking loud
On which channel the war was
On which channel the war was
They were talking 'bout channel war
Take our extinction
And let's have it live!
Make money over yourself

The human race
Enjoy it all fast before
The martyr's at your door
Save a prayer and close your eyes
Save us from the end
We're nearer than ever
We've barred the path we're on
We'll fade away forever
We are erasing all that we've created
Save us or kill us but
Hurry up!
Come and take my hand please
Bring me out of this world
There's no place for me now
We're just walking on a wire
And they're planning to take our extinction.

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Mirrors - The Great Illusion
is the track #10 from the album The Great Illusion which is released on 2005-08-16. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2005 The Mirrors
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