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Cantina Lyrics


(cheers and swooning girls)

Hey what's your name? Oh
yeah. So come on, let's go
outside, let's blow this
joint. Oh really, well the
joint is not all that I wanna
blow, Why don't you come
with me? I haven't seen
you before. Was this your
first gig? Oh it was.
Really? Well you were
pretty good. Don't walk
away from me, come back
here. Ooh look at that,
these pants are getting a
bit righter aren't they? Why
is that, why don't you
show me? Come on. Ooh
there's a little wet spot
here, did you spill a beer,
did you? I didn't see you
drinking a beer. Come on,
let's go play with some
toys. Oh, I'm used to kids,
it's Alright. Let's go play
with some toys, I have
quite a few you might like.
Alright let's go.

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