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I'm Blessed Lyrics

I'm blessed, truly blessed.
I'm blessed,truly, truly blessed,
truly, truly blessed.

Verse 1:
Everywhere I go, people want to know,
How can someone so young be on fire for the Holy Ghost?
Some say I'm crazy, but they just don't know that
I'm truly, truly blessed (2x).

Verse 2:
He touched my life and made me whole,
gave me peace within, the Lord filled my soul.
Eternal life I know He gave to me, that is why
I'm truly, truly blessed (2x).

Bridge 1:
The joy of the Lord in my soul took control
and I know it's for sure, won't let go.

(I won't let go til You bless my soul),
til You bless my soul.
(I won't let go til You make me whole),
til You make me whole.
I won't let go, no, no.

Bridge 2:
Never let go (3x),
til You bless my soul.
Never let go (3x),
til You make me whole.

I'm blessed (3x),
Truly, truly blessed.

I'm steppin' up to the mic,
now it's time to get hype,
sending praises from my chest,
Because I know I'm truly blessed,
So wave your hands in the air,
and wave them like you just don't care,
now if you're really, really blessed,
I mean truly, truly blessed,
let me hear you say, "oh yeah" (oh yeah).

Can I get a witness, (yeah).
A sanctified witness , (yeah).

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