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Reunion Song Lyrics

Oh baby can't you see
There's nobody here but me
There are no ghosts around
Oh baby can't you see
Life ain't bigger than what you see
And that is common ground
Can we get back seated again
Can we trade in our hate for zen
Can we rewrite our master plan
Oh baby can't you see
Love is blind so we can?t see
The love we haven't found
I'd like to strike some different chords
The old ones sound so bored
There should be many new ones to be explored
Can we burn can we bury
Can we turn can we carry
The urn and hide it away forevermore
Can we fight without worries
Can we trust that there is enough love
Worth fighting for?

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Mist - Bye Bye
is the track #14 from the album Bye Bye which is released on 2005-05-26. Genre: Pop | Record Label: 2005 Astro Discos
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