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Blackberry Molasses Lyrics

Blackberry molasses
One of the things that never change
You got to keep pushin on
The sun don't rein all the time
There's gonna be some heartache and pain

Woke up sunday morning
Got a little bad news today
They say my life ain't worth living
And time is slowly ticking away
Don't think that i'm going crazy
Cause thoughts keep runnin through my head
I know I gotta be strong, gotta hold on
Sometimes I rather give up instead
Seems like i'm better off dead


Don't tell me how to live my life
After all that we've been through
Don't wanna hear bout your hardships
Cause I've been there myself a time or two
Still life goes on if you just keep holdin on
So many things to survive once you realize
There's no such place as paradise
At least in my eyes

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Mista - Mista
is the track #1 from the album Mista which is released on 1996-07-30. Genre: Pop | Record Label: 1996 Elektra Entertainment
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