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Big Freeze Lyrics

Do you know hurt? Really know?
Cause I see him when I wake, And he's waiting there for me.
Crushing down, I'm freezing-
Deeper in a hole everyday.
Cause the mountains just too big.

Through and through, it's loud and hard.
Through and through, Takes no days off and no holidays.
I've done my all and come up against my final last wall.
Can't you see in these eyes?

From the long long winter of the big freeze, you felt it.
Tell me you felt it- tell me I'm not alone, please.
Please I'm not alone.
Cause it's the big freeze, a different kind of cold.
Cause it's the big freeze, a different kind of cold.

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Mucky Pup - A Boy In a Man
is the track #15 from the album A Boy In a Man's World which is released on 1989. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 1989 Mucky Records
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