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To Be Lonely Lyrics

(Lyrics & Music: D. Nastasi)
Ouch, there is pain inside of me,
too sick to sigh,
I'll just lie awake,
don't have to try,
just take what becomes of it,
ouch, I'll take it anyway,
when the days grow old,
and the mountains tired,
I sing to my-self,
the volcano cries,
ouch, the pain I'm tired of it,
but who am I,
to take up all the blame,
look for reasons why,
but nothing becomes of it,
ouch the pain won't go away,
who the hell do you think you are,
like I got nothing better to do,
than sit around and think of you,
do you know how it feels to be lonely,
and be in love and be no one at all.

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Mucky Pup - NOW
is the track #15 from the album NOW which is released on 1991. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 1991 Mucky Records
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