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Frankie Wants To Be Alone Lyrics

his name is frankie,
likes to drink green tea.
and i noticed him,
when i was 16.
we discussed about christy,
she was the goddess to me.

he knows who is tim,
but not closed to him.
though they both like film,
they have different dreams.
frankie wants to be lonely,
he needs no one to agree.

he walks alone in school,
no one think he is cool.
he never studies hard,
but he always gets high mark.
people think he's so strange,
but he doesn't wanna change.
all he need is daydreaming.
no one really knows his thinking.

no one really knows his feeling.

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My Little Airport - 我們在炎熱與抑鬱的夏天,無法停止抽煙 We Can
is the track #8 from the album ????????????鬱??夏天,???止??? We Can't Stop Smoking in the Vicious and Blue Summer which is released on 2007-01-01. Genre: Pop | Record Label: 2007 My Little Airport
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