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It's Kate's first time to a friend's wedding,everyone
looked nice with their nice dresses.
Kate hugged the bride and gave her best blessing.
She was arranged to sit next to Jane,
Jane smiled to Kate with no talking,
Kate was confused and Jane felt interesting.
When you see her smile you'll understand why,
see-through blouse and perfume, heels and silk
Jane don't wear those things,
she's simply brightening.
So that's life not just for a night, champagne hidden
our secrets of lives
and that is it you need no wondering.
You're no more a little girl.
After 2 days Jane messaged Kate,
'mon cheri' 'mon cheri'

Jane called Kate,
oh who could help Kate she'd fallen to Jane.
She can't explain why her taste has changed,
they didn't kiss in their first dating,
felt shy and smiling,
forgot everything.
Oh little Kate, our tastes can change,
see how it started in the crowded wedding,
so that is it you cannot quit the game.
And that's love not just for a night,
champagne hidden their secrets of pink
and that is it they cannot quit the game.
Kate's no more a little girl
Jane's no more a little girl
You're no more a little girl
You're no more a little girl

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My Little Airport - 我們在炎熱與抑鬱的夏天,無法停止抽煙 We Can
is the track #17 from the album ????????????鬱??夏天,???止??? We Can't Stop Smoking in the Vicious and Blue Summer which is released on 2007-01-01. Genre: Pop | Record Label: 2007 My Little Airport
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